Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Abang had his monthly test in early March 2010.He was very sure that he could answer all the Qs correctly. Everytime when I asked him "how was your exam?", his reply would be" senang kacang" (perhaps this is the porpular statements amongst his friends!). The exam was over rightly after the mid term break.
Yesterday I asked him whether he has received any result of his exam papers.He said yes, I got my result for science paper and I got 64% (without feeling guilty!!!).. OMG!!the result was the worse he had ever achieved so far! Tersedak I minum masa tu...
I didnt scold him until I scrutinized the paper by myself. When I read the Q & A, I was taken aback as some of the answers quite misleading for his age- that's my view. Eg :
(Q) A living thing need ......... to live:
(a) water
(b) Food
(c) water and food
For me all the above are the correct answers, but for sure the best is (c). So, the teacher cant say that the answer for (a) or (b) is wrong.
Then I contacted Kak Nor, who is a primary school teacher and complained to her on the issue. She said, please dont compare the current Qs with the time when we were at Abang's age (8 years old) . Now,even 8 years old pupil has to use his own logic to answer the Q! No more straight forward Q & A. That's the current demand she said.
After that I just told abang to be more careful in answering exam Q and dont be so confident that the Q is " senang kacang".....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

At last the time has come for me & Aniq to fly to Perlis. My eldest brother has been staying in Perlis for the past 30 years but only now I managed to visit his house!What kind of sister am I!!I was there to attend Emi's wedding (my bro's 2nd daughter). Her elder sister(Dura) is scheduled to get married in Nov this year too. So, most probably I'll fly there again.
My flight was on the 12th March 2010 at 1.25pm. There was a slight delay due to technical problem and we had safely landed around 3.15pm instead on 2.55pm as scheduled. Angah (Along Shahira's bro) has fetched us and we reached my bro's house around 4.00pm and I missed the Akad Nikah session which has just over. My eldest sister and her 2 grandchildren were already there. My sister from Kelantan was supposed to arrive by bus at 5.00pm, however due to some technical problem also, she and her 2 kids reached the house around 6.00pm. Couldnt imagine, how she manage to be on the bus for 9 hours!! Oden & Mor reached perlis around 10.00 am on 13th March,i.e the wedding day itself.
To my surprise, my aunties from Sabak Bernam attended the wedding and Bik Mar was crying coz she never thot that she would be in Perlis for the wedding. The sad thing was, my mom wasnt there! Not that she didnt want to come but her health condition didnt allow her to travel in long hour.
Alhamdulillah, the wedding reception went smoothly. The following day we attended the kenduri at Emi's hubby's house. Lauk2 dia yummy.The funny thing was I teringin sangat nak dapat kuih wajik as a gift, unfortunately, depa bagi kat org2 sana je.Yg menghantar pengantin tak dapat..sob..sob..sob..terliur tu...
After the wedding to we went straight to Padang Besar.I pun tak tau ada apa kat sana. Rupanya dia macam sebuah complex and ada small kedai jual baju2 siam/imitated/kuih2 kering.So, I beli je baju adik sehelai, abang sehelai & for me sehelai & beli back pack bag jenama "Samsonite" lagi tu..jgn mare...the area was very2 hot &bergelen2 gak air minum. Sampai rumah around 5.45pm. Trus packing barang balik KLIA.
Flight malam tu tak smooth, bergolek2 so, I rasa macam nak termun***, walaupun dah telan ubat tahan mun***.Dah lah tu air traffic kat KLIA jam, kena delay lagi kat atas.Kalau lambat lebih 1/2 jam lagi mau I terburai dalam flight tu. Sampai umah around 12.00am on 15th March- Hujan lebat pulak tu...
Sampai rumah , adik dah bangun tunggu ...kesian adik kena tinggal, sampai demam2 lah...
Went to work as usual on the following day...